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By screening, showcasing and actively matchmaking solutions with local implementers and funders, we initiate transfer projects. We help you to explore your role and match you with your counterparts!

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The stages of the impact transfer cycle address all three roles, but in different ways. At the “Inspire” stage we support social entrepreneurs in showcasing their solutions and invite local implementer and funders to inspirational events. At the “Screen & Assess” stage we conduct transfer-readiness screenings with social entrepreneurs as well as local implementers. Local implementers need to be ready to adopt a solution (networks, stakeholder contacts, capacity, etc.). At the “Match” stage we bring all three roles together (including additional stakeholders) to initiate transfer projects. At the “Setup & Support” stage we focus on designing transfer strategies and projects together with the social entrepreneur and the local implementer and supporting the initial project phases, while providing transparent project monitoring & reporting to funders. At the “Learn” stage we enable exchange between and within the roles.