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As a SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR you want to scale the impact of your solution. You offer your solution to local implementers, local adopters and funders. Your solution is innovative and based on a solid impact and business model.

The value we bring to social entrepreneurs

  • Increase your social impact through transferring your solution to a new country
  • Increase the visibility of your solution in a new country and “market”
  • Find the right local implementers and funders
  • Further develop and improve your transfer strategy and model
  • Get access to new funding opportunities

First steps in working together

  • Fill in the online template to propose your solution for our portfolio
  • We inform you whether or not your solution meets our portfolio criteria
  • We arrange an online meeting to learn more about you and your solution
  • We conduct an initial online transfer-readiness assessment
  • Based on your information, the assessment and our conversations, we decide whether or not to feature your solution in our portfolio
  • If yes, we setup an MOU and your impact transfer journey begins!

Portfolio criteria

  • Innovative solution with clear USP
  • Consistent and proven impact model
  • Consistent and proven business model
  • Successful transfers resp. replications in the country of origin (depends on type of solution)
  • Sufficient transfer capacity in the organization
  • Strategic decision to transfer solution