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As a LOCAL IMPLEMENTER you implement and further develop a solution from our portfolio in your country. You look for an entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial opportunity. You bring in your knowledge, networks and entrepreneurial drive. Or you adopt a solution that will directly benefit your organization and clients. The solution may become a new service or may even change your entire impact and business model.

The value we bring to local implementers

Local implementer:

  • Explore new entrepreneurial opportunities in bringing a solution to your country
  • Reduce the risk of starting a social enterprise by building on proven solutions
  • Receive professional support to adapt, implement and further develop a solution
  • Improve your entrepreneurial skills by working with social entrepreneurs and experts
  • Join our community of social entrepreneurs, local implementers and funders
  • Exchange with like-minded individuals on common challenges
  • Benefit from our active matchmaking
  • Join our events and network

Local adopter: 

  • Get access to innovative solutions for extending your service portfolio
  • Use our support to learn how your organization can adopt and roll-out the new solution most efficiently & effectively
  • Participate in transfer pilots to explore the potential of a solution at small scale before initiating an internal roll-out



First steps in working together

  • We want to build a community of local implementers and you are invited to join!
  • Check out our events and visit
  • Explore our solutions to identify solutions you are interested in
  • If none of our solutions meets your specific interest, share your interest and we will keep you in mind when adding solutions to our portfolio
  • Or contact us personally by mail or by phone to discuss your interest