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Zero Project 2021/2022

Transfer Model


The World Around You (WAY) is an open-source, web-based library and authoring platform that allows for the creation and distribution of multilingual signed stories with written text across the Internet. The authoring platform allows content contributors to combine images, text and video of signing storytellers into web-based visual storybooks with ease. They can also create interactive glossary words and simple vocabulary reinforcing games using uploaded assets. If the library has a story that does not have a specific sign language, a contributor can add the sign language videos to the story with ease, making it available and accessible for those who use that sign language. While WAY promotes community engagement by allowing contributors to publish stories collaboratively and globally, deaf and hard of hearing children and their family members use the library to read and view accessible stories (online or ePUB offline) for language development and storytelling appreciation.

Further Info

Contact Person: Chris Kurz,