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Zero Project 2021/2022

Transfer Model


Jan Vikas Samiti has developed an integrated Tele-Rehabilitation application providing consultative, preventative, diagnostic, and therapeutic rehabilitation services using mobile phones and a web portal. Started from Physical rehabilitation, the programme is expanding to several health disciplines including physiotherapy, speech pathology, occupational therapy, and assistive technologies. The telerehabilitation services have a twin-track approach. The service is aimed at providing quality training to field staff in acquiring and upgrading rehabilitation skills through regular training programmes. The practical expertise of field workers is built by guided field assessments in real-time by a central team of experts. Over the years, Jan Vikas Samiti has used field data to standardize services for various rehabilitation services. The idea is not to lose time and technology provides access to qualified professionals, assessment, and rehabilitation services, robust follow-up mechanisms with concurrent monitoring of progress at highly optimized cost.

Further Info


Contact Person: Chandran Ryimonds,