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Jamba – Career for All






Zero Project 2020/2021

Transfer Model



Replication ready

JAMBA is a Bulgarian NGO and a social enterprise supporting job seekers with disabilities and assisting companies with recruitment and inclusion. Alongside an online job-matching platform, JAMBA trains job seekers with the support of their self-developed accessible e-learning platform in CV writing, interview preparation, business English, computer skills and other professional training programs. From 2017 to 2020, over 2,000 people have registered on the online platform, and JAMBA has supported the recruitment of over 340 people. It has also expanded to Hungary and Austria.


JAMBA offers accessible training programmes to job seekers with disabilities. It focuses on a wide range of professional training programs, from essential skills in the business sector such as business English to programming and other AI & IT skills, graphic design, social media marketing and many others. Training lasts from one month to one year depending on the course, and for many courses people receive official certifications. In 2020, JAMBA focused on IT jobs that can be done remotely and in rural areas.

In Bulgaria, JAMBA has trained 600 people, over 340 of whom have secured employment in one of JAMBA’s 60 partner companies. The organization also works actively with employers to ensure they can provide accessible work environments. It offers companies diversity and inclusion training and advises them on legal frameworks, including tax and other incentives, for employing people with disabilities.

In addition to the accessible online job platform, JAMBA organizes annual career fairs to bring candidates and companies together.


Within less than 2 years and a half of the launch, we were able to create a beta version of our online accessible job board, to attract more than 2000+ candidates to our database, realize multidisciplinary trainings for more than 600 candidates, and assist in the recruitment of 340+ Bulgarians in 60 partnering organizations and companies and all of them are paid at the average wage or higher.

We expanded from Bulgaria to Hungary and Austria.


We aim to reach 30,000 graduates from our online training in the next 5 years.

By developing our activities in our existing countries and empowering local actors to replicate our work in their own countries.


We are looking for partners experienced in working with people with disabilities and with an entrepreneurial spirit:

  • Local implementers (franchise partners)
  • Network of partnering NGOs providing social services to PwD
  • Donors/Funders
  • IT training academies
  • Media partners

Our target geographies for replication are Turkey, Romania, Croatia and Germany.

Transfer Model

JAMBA has set up legal entities in Hungary and Austria, and has developed a toolkit to support replication covering all the necessary steps from developing a local team to knowledge transfer.

We are replicating our model through a social franchising approach, providing training and know-how transfer as well as our online infrastructure and ongoing support to our franchise partners.


Further Info

Iva Tsolova, Co-Founder, and

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