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Zero Project 2021/2022

Transfer Model


INCIRadio is a radio station created in 2015 by and for people with visual impairment. The station was born as a tool that has served to strengthen the communication skills of blind and low vision people, it is the only media in Colombia that has specialized programming with disability; dialogue, socializes and creates a network of information thanks to its podcast and radio programs, varied and in different formats that have connected since its inception to more than 2 million blind and low vision people in the country and 99 countries that are connected with the information of INCIRadio. The programming (grid of 34 programs broadcasted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) has several slots focused on education and culture; the content is for the whole family and that is why it has been consolidated, because thanks to the station we have been able to create different guides for inclusive education, employment, sports, legislation and other topics related to visual impairment.

Further Info

Contact Person: Henry Diaz,