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Helm – Workplace Inclusive Solutions






Zero Project 2020/2021

Transfer Model

Social Franchizing or Contracting


Replication ready

Helm is a Cairo-based social enterprise focusing on the promotion of disability inclusion, with a particular emphasis on employment. Starting in 2016, Helm works with companies to offer both recruitment job analyses and accessibility consulting services. Using these results, Helm works with companies to design strategies and adaptations to make them more inclusive. From 2016 to 2020, Helm has completed over 1,000 accessibility audits and supported the recruitment of 250+ people with disabilities.


Helm has two services to make workplaces inclusive.

The first is a recruitment job analysis, where it reviews a company’s disability employment policies, practices, and culture, and collaborates with them to design a disability hiring strategy and to support recruitment. For example, Helm worked with Mars, the multinational food producer, to deliver a customized work preparation course for its 20 new factory operators with disabilities. Helm has supported recruitment to a wide range of roles, including accountants and marketing professionals.

Helm also offers accessibility consulting and provides suggested improvements and their costs. Helm has developed software to generate automated reports on this topic. It has audited the offices and factories of over 200 partners, including the Egypt branches of Wrigley, Vodafone, and Amazon; and it has made recommendations on adaptations for employees and customers, such as barrier-free entrances, visual fire alarm systems in offices, and Braille signage.

The project is 20 per cent funded through grants from organizations such as the Vodafone Egypt Foundation and 80 per cent through companies paying for the consulting services provided.


Helm’s model is implemented in around 200 organizations all over Egypt

From 2016 to 2020, Helm has completed a total of 1,063 accessibility audits


Helm works across most provinces in Egypt and wants to replicate the inclusive workplace model in other countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. It is working on digitalizing its processes to increase efficiency, maintain consistency in service delivery, and to facilitate replication.


To further support replication, Helm wants to connect with non-profit disability organizations; government agencies; and employer, business, and HR networks in the MENA region.

Transfer Model

As our potential partner, you have the choice between two collaboration models. Each partnership can be customized to help both our organizations reach their desired goals:

1. Become part of the Helm franchise. Should you choose this model, you will receive guidance, training and an easy to implement manual. You will be responsible for maintaining and growing the business in exchange for a set royalty fee (annual fee) proportionate to the income you generate.
2. Be our partner: In this model we develop the business through our widespread international network and contract you for the implementation. You will receive professional training and support.

Further Info

Amena El Saie, Cofounder and CEO,

Ramez Maher, Cofounder and Managing Director,