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Zero Project 2021/2022

Transfer Model


FACIL’iti is an innovative digital inclusion solution from France that adapts the display of a website according to the user’s needs for visual, motor and/or cognitive comfort. FACIL’iti provides a significantly improved and customized browsing experience for older adults and people with disabilities. All end users with disabilities can enjoy the service on a free of charge basis, on all websites that have installed FACIL’iti.


We live in a more and more digital age but 25% of the population face e-exclusion due to age or disabilities. It simply means that this ¼ of the population faces discrimination and has little or no access to online information or services because they cannot read it due to vision troubles, understand it due to cognitive issues or interact with it due to motion impairments.

Facili’ti has developed an individually customizable web service that, without modifying the original website or touching its code, simply tailors the way it appears on the users’ screen (computer, tablet or smartphone) by taking into account their specific needs. 

This patented multi-lingual solution already includes 1000+ custom filters such as larger characters if the user is visually impaired, enlarged click zones if he has Parkinsons disease, or reading aids if he is dyslexic. All these custom filters are 100% user centric and have been co-created and tested with referent associations for each type of disability. They are made free of charge for the end user through a subscription model with the website owner. 

The installation of the service on the website takes less than 10 minutes, with 500 organisations already benefiting from it. Examples of such organizations include the French Ministry of Justice and the cities of New York and Tokyo. 

Through these partnerships, Facil’iti has made the digital experience more accessible for over 1M users.


80% of Facili’it existing 1M users report increased autonomy in their browsing experience. 

In the case of people with dyslexia, this meant for example that reading comprehension improved from 25% to 85%. 

By enhancing digital autonomy for people with disabilities and elderly, Facil’iti aims for their users to have better access to basic services such as education, and overall improve their confidence and mental health.


Our vision is that no matter their age or disability, all people have a solution to use any digital tool. We want to become “big” enough to solve a societal problem and to initiate system change​ by switching digital inclusion from a constraint to an opportunity.

By 2025, Facil’iti aims to reach 5M people throughout Europe, Japan and the US and. They also want to expand their adaptations by helping people with autism, for instance.


We are looking for:

  • local partners such as web agencies, software editors or digital factories to sell and possibly implement our solutions on their customers websites
  • local associations to partner with and help us spread the word to potential users and be testing partners on R&D
  • media outlets to help us get known on local markets

Our target countries are USA/Canada and German speaking countries in Europe. We already have a branch in Japan, any connections there will be appreciated as well.

Transfer Model

Facil’iti is looking to replicate through joint ventures or social franchising.

By working with them, partners would benefit from fully structured training, communication tools and support team at headquarters.

Further Info

Contact person: Yves Cornu,