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Enable India – Namma Vaani






Accessible ICT

Transfer Model





Enable Vaani is a voice-based social network, where information is shared via mobile phones (no smartphone and web-access needed) for the disability community in rural and marginalised areas of India and beyond. NGOs, private companies, persons with disabilities, parents, and other enablers record and upload voice messages, which are then accessed by the system users. The content is managed centrally by Enable India staff or partners, who moderate and publish the information to the service. The information relates largely to employment opportunities, but also includes messages such as education and training opportunities, workplace solutions, life skills, government schemes, and inspiring stories. This allows information to be spread easily, quickly, and at a low cost. Those who are interested in the opportunities can record a reply message into the phone.


  • 1400 calls each day.
  • Enable Vaani has been accessed by over 28,000 unique callers.
  • Reaches people with disabilities in 16 states in India and soon in other countries
  • Partnered with 21 NGO´s as channel partners
  •  98% of the content is user-generated

Transfer Model

Enable India is scaling this solution through strategic partnerships with local partners in rural geographies.

Enable India provides their disability expertise and the technology platform, training and relevant support.

Local partners create and curate the content and develop strategic relationships with local stakeholders.