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Enable India – Educate Yourself Easily (EYE) Tool






Zero Project 2020/2021

Transfer Model


EnAble India is a large Indian NGO, headquartered in Bengaluru. Its Educate Yourself Easily (EYE) Tool is an open source self-learning platform that supports persons with visual impairments to learn job-critical computer skills. Users can choose from over 400 exercises to develop skills, take part in job simulations, and test their progress. From 2015 to 2020, the tool had over 10,000 users, 90 per cent of whom have reported that their computer efficiency has improved significantly.


Computer skills are critical in the modern job market, and people with visual impairments in India often do not have accessible training tools.

The EYE Tool is a training platform offering exercises on job-relevant skills, such as editing, and data management. Exercises support people with visual impairments to increase the speed and confidence with which they use computers and understand the more visual aspects, such as common document layouts. It can be downloaded to a desktop or accessed via a server, and is compatible with screen readers and magnifiers. The tool has two modes: a ‘Learning’ mode gives instant feedback on errors so the user can make corrections; and a ‘Test’ mode allows users to test their progress. For those working with a trainer, trainers can also access their students’ scores.

The EYE tool is targeted at individual users with visual impairments, trainers of people with visual impairments, as well as parents, employers, and volunteers. It is available in English, Hindi, Tamil, and Kannada, and content can be easily added. About 95 per cent of EnAble India’s trainers have visual impairments and are involved in its design.

The EYE Tool is free and is an open source technology. Development is funded by donations from companies and foundations.


95 percent of EnAble India’s trainers have visual impairments
Over 500 trainers have been trained in how to use the EYE Tool with their students
The EYE Tool has users in 15 countries

90% of users have improved their speed and efficiency
80% have gained understanding of the sighted world


Our long-term goal: Digital Empowerment of 1 million visually impaired users in next 5 years

Make the Platform available in Countries with:

  • Significant Population of people with visual impairments
  • Digital Empowerment and Inclusion on their development agenda

Next steps are upgrading the web tool, developing an Android app, and exploring opportunities for Artificial Intelligence features within the tool.


We would like to collaborate with a host of partners such as disability peoples organizations, Skilling & Academic Institutions, Employers, Businesses associations, Government departments.

We expect our partners to:
• Localize our tool (content, language);
• Acquire users, manage training programs, provide the support & manage the community of user


Transfer Model

EnAble India serves as Knowledge Partner and Provides the access to technology, training content & insights

Build capacities of local organizations & trainers in using the tool, providing value streams for visually impaired to grow across the continuum of

Digital Literacy to Digital Fluency to Digital Mastery.

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Contact Person: Moses Chowdari,