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Zero Project 2021/2022

Transfer Model


Access Israel trains people with disabilities to test and evaluate the usefulness/accessibility of services. They wanted to learn how a client with disability feels about the practicality of services without minding disability laws/regulations. Example: When they want to evaluate supermarkets, they will prepare various scenarios checking by an undercover team of PWD that include one person who is blind, one person with hearing disability, one person using a wheelchair, non-visible etc. the team tests the accessibility of getting the service in the supermarket face to face but also ordering and getting serviced by call center, online and mobile apps. The information is recorded, they then gather it and prepare an evaluation document consisting of – describing the process, the services that were given and especially how the undercover clients felt regarding the accessibility. Access Israel gives recommendations of what they want to improve to trust the organization is fully accessible in practice, not according to dry regulations/laws.

Further Info


Contact Person: Lilach Segal,