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Karuna Foundation – Inspire2care






Accessible health

Transfer Model





The Inspire2Care model is based on community awareness and mobilization. The community owns the model’s concept and takes a leadership role in implementing disability-friendly structures by utilizing resources provided by local government authorities. The foundation’s objective is to strengthen community leadership and to create awareness about the importance of disability-inclusive societies, in which physical accessibility is crucial.


As of 2017, a total of 4,917 persons with disabilities have benefited from the newly accessible structures. These include:

  • Health facilities: 1,138
  • Schools: 323
  • Public toilets: 3,285
  • Day care centres: 13
  • Other: 158


The process of nominating accessibility projects has been replicated in the entire district of Ilam (48 villages), as well as some other surrounding villages. Going forward, Karuna has plans to expand the programme throughout the entire country within the next ten years.

Karuna believes that Inspire2Care has the potential to be replicated in any international setting similar to Nepal; and it has shown that with minor changes and using local resources and people, disability-friendly infrastructures can be constructed. More importantly, the cultivation of community ownership in establishing disability-friendly and accessible structures strengthens the potential to be replicated on a wider scale. Development players with a wide network throughout the world have shown keen interest in replicating the Inspire2Care model.

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Deepak Raj Sapkota