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Impact Transfer by Ashoka

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social innovations

to new places!

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Our mission

We enable the cross-border transfer of solutions that generate social impact. We believe that innovative, system changing solutions with a proven impact & business model are extremely valuable. We make them available where they are needed and demanded by local stakeholders.

How we work

We source solutions from the worldwide Ashoka network of 3300+ social entrepreneurs, from our clients’ networks and our emerging community of contributors. By screening, showcasing and actively matchmaking these solutions with local implementers and funders, we initiate transfer projects.


What we offer

For each of the 5-steps of the impact transfer cycle, we developed specific services. We offer these services independently, bundle them to support transfer projects, or even use them to design complete transfer programs for our clients.

We minimize the financial burden on social entrepreneurs, local implementers and funders through smart fundraising strategies (co-applications for grants, co-funding models, shared cost models) and lean operational support.

Who we are

Our team consists of in-house experts, external experts and our advisory board composed of impact investors, social franchising and licensing professionals, business and IT consultants.

Featured Solutions


Buurtzorg revolutionizes mobile care provision through a client-centered, resource-based and self-organized approach.

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Hof sucht Bauer

Hof sucht Bauer is a successful social enterprise in Germany that enables the inter-generational handover of farms outside the family.

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Irrsinnig Menschlich

Irrsinnig Menschlich („Insanely humain“) works with school classes to improve the psycho-social wellbeing of pupils

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